This is the year of change.  As if 2011 didn’t have enough of it. But these will be different kinds of changes. Some things still might remain the same though. At least I hope.

Some things that are happening this year..

  • ·        I have to get a job. This month. I’m somewhat scared and not very excited. I feel like I won’t have much free time and that freaks me out. And I’d really love not to work at a food place. But that eliminates a lot of choices.
  • ·         I’m going to try to throw my boyfriend a great 18th birthday party in February. Hopefully it will be fun and memorable. I want to surprise him.
  • ·        March will be Spring Break, and I’m headed to Hawaii to see my sister. I’m stoked. I’ll have much-needed bonding time with my sister. And I’ll get a great tan for prom.
  • ·        My senior prom is in April!! I cannot wait. It will be amazing. The location, my date, my dress. Perfect. So so excited.
  • ·        May is the ending of my life. Or in better terms, the ending of a chapter in my life. I graduate. I’m not quite ready for it yet. But maybe I will be when it gets closer.
  • ·        June and July are my free months. Last free months before the college life starts. I’m turning 18 in June. I have a church reunion and a last church camp to attend. People to spend time with before we all go our separate ways. Relationships to strengthen for that parting.
  • ·        I’ll be starting college in August at the University of Tulsa. Oh dear. I better be ready for a whole new experience.
  • ·        September through December will be a surprise to me. I don’t know what will be happening. So many things will be different. I just hope I still have certain people in my life. And maybe a one year anniversary to celebrate. But we’ll see. Nothing is guaranteed.